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Virtual Studio Guidelines/Etiquette

  • For security purposes, participants must have at least their first name showing when entering the class so the instructor can confirm with the registration list and allow entry to the virtual studio. If a participant cannot be confirmed as registered, the participant will not be allowed entry to the private virtual studio.

  • Classes start promptly at the scheduled time — virtual studio doors open five (5) minutes prior to start time so participants can virtually “sign in” and get ready. Participants who log-in earlier will be in the “waiting room” until allowed access. 

  • Participants are asked to have the camera on before the class starts, but may turn the camera off during the workout if they choose. Participants microphones will be muted when the workout starts.

  • Running Late? Pre-registered participants may log-in to the class after class has started, but new bookings cannot be taken after class has started. Please enter the virtual studio with the microphone off, if arriving late.

  • Participants are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect towards other participants and the instructor at all times. 

Terms & Conditions

1.Class Pass Credits/Discount Packages

  • A Class Pass Credit or an active 30-day Unlimited Pass is required to book a reservation for a group fitness class.

  • Credit-Per-Class Packages are offered to allow the purchase of a “block” of class credits at a discounted rate for committed members who take multiple classes more often. Participants should choose their package based on their expected frequency of attendance. Participants may select a different package after one has been completed or has reached the deadline for use.

  • Credit-Per-Class Packages must be used by the expiration date. There are no extensions, refunds, or transfers. Any class credits remaining after the expiration date are forfeited.

  • The 30-Day Unlimited Pass
    Similar to a standard gym membership, participants with an active 30-day Unlimited Pass have 30-days to take as many group fitness classes as desired. At the end of the 30-days, participants may purchase another Unlimited package, or select one of the credit-per-class packages. There are no transfers, refunds or extensions if a participant does not use the 30-day Unlimited Pass for any reason. 

2. Class Bookings/Cancellations

  • Participants with available Class Pass Credits or an active 30-Day Unlimited Pass may book a reservation on-line or the App up to one (1) hour prior to class start time, and up to 15 days in advance.

  • If a participant forgets to sign-up, but the class is still on the schedule after the deadline – a participant may contact the studio up to 15 minutes BEFORE the class starts to be added as long as the participant has class credits available - or is the holder of an active 30-day Unlimited Pass.

  • Participants may cancel a registration no later than one (1) hour prior to class start time to be eligible for a refund of the class credit to their member account. (Not applicable to the 30-day Unlimited Pass).

  • If there are no registrations for a class by the booking deadline of one (1) hour prior to start time, the class will be canceled for that day, and it will not show on the schedule. 

3. Studio Schedule Changes/Class Cancellations

  • Participants who have pre-registered for a class that is subsequently canceled by DenniseJonesFitness due to an emergency or unforeseen conflict will receive a refund of the class credit to their member account (not applicable to the 30-day Unlimited Pass).

  • DenniseJonesFitness reserves the right to change the class schedules as necessary due to lack of participation, emergencies, or another circumstance that requires a schedule change.

4. Terminations
DenniseJonesFitness is dedicated to offering a safe and welcoming virtual fitness experience for all members, and reserves the right to terminate any member who violates the terms & conditions or studio guidelines. In the event of a termination, any remaining class credits or 30-day Unlimited passes are forfeited. 

Updated: 5/10/2024