A “mixed bag” of fitness; Cardio, Strength & CORE Fitness Training for all levels!
The mix changes each week so your body will never get used to the workout – and you’ll never get bored. Because modifications and variety options will be shown, this class is for the beginner and the experienced exerciser, those who like to jump and run, or those who desire a no-impact cardio workout. We will finish the program with a great stretch and flexibility mix that will make your back happy!

PUSH! Interval Training 
To “Push" means to; a) advance despite difficulty or opposition, b) expend great or vigorous effort toward an end. Now is YOUR time to PUSH! This Interval class will enhance cardiovascular and muscular endurance to take you to the next level in your personal fitness journey. This is a high-energy program for anyone who wants to challenge their endurance, or break through a weight-loss plateau. It's not about how you start - it's about pushing toward your personal best!


A standing and/or chair-based exercise program that promotes senior fitness thru a combination of cardio, light toning/resistance, and functional movement exercises set to music. Strength, flexibility and range-of-motion is an added benefit from the workout. 

Backyard Bootcamp!

Get your friends together for a Backyard Bootcamp!

If you've got the space, DenniseJonesFitness can bring the BackYard Bootcamp to you! Invite a few friends and be prepared to run, jump, and play in an obstacle course created for your small group!

(Bootcamp programs available for large groups as well.)

Get a gym-style group fitness brought to your group, at your location, and at your convenience. Choose from the options below, or call for a customized program. Working out together is a great way for groups and organizations to build friendship and teamwork with members — enjoying getting fit, together!

Group Fitness Classes Made Convenient for YOUR Group & Friends

Fitness Life Coach   /   Personal Training   /  group Fitness


EmPower! Christian Fitness

Developed by DenniseJonesFitness, Empower! is a faith-based fitness experience for Christian groups and organizations. If you want to get fit while getting your praise on – this is your program.  Filled with the Spirit, and good Christian music, we work on fitness inside and out. Perfect for your church or Christian group.

Empower!Principles — A Healthy Lifestyle Course
    Learning Fitness Principles (Exercise & Nutrition) and How to Apply Them to Your Life

Empower!Praise — Praise & Worship Workouts to Christian Fitness Music