What’s YOUR Goal?

♥ Reduce Body Fat

♥ Build Lean Muscle
♥ Increase Endurance

♥ Support Healthy Bones
♥ Improve Balance and Flexibility

♥ Healthy Weight Loss
♥ General Health & Well-Being

personal training

With personal training sessions that encompass exercise and healthy eating, and personal fitness assessments and monitoring, your trainer will lead you in a fitness program that not only fits your body, but also your busy life. DenniseJonesFitness applies fitness education, research, and principles to your personal fitness issues, and helps you to develop exercise and eating habits that fall in line with your fitness goals. A DenniseJonesFitness plan helps you make fitness a lifestyle — not just an event!

DenniseJonesFitness also specializes in helping women, seniors, and other special populations to identify fitness plans that address their individual needs. 

Fitness is not about the latest celebrity workout or “magic” diet. Fitness is about being able to function within the demands of your life, every day of your life!

DenniseJonesFitness offers training and motivation to help you reach your fitness goals, while teaching you techniques to help make fitness a normal part of your busy lifestyle!

Fitness Life Coaching is all about YOU!!!

Already have a gym membership?

Many people go to the gym, but not everyone uses their gym membership strategically. It's time to stop wandering in the gym, and start winning!

DenniseJonesFitness can help develop a training plan that considers your gym services and schedule to make your time in the gym more productive and effective, with the added bonus of a Personal Trainer to teach you the fitness/nutrition principles so your life outside the gym doesn't derail your personal fitness goals — and cancel out all that hard work!

Fitness Life Coach   /   Personal Training   /  group Fitness

No Excuses...

♥ No equipment needed — I can bring the gym to you!

♥ No need to drive to the gym

♥ Private — no gym crowds, no waiting for equipment

♥ No gym membership fees
♥ Convenient Flex Hours — Including early morning & evenings